Health Care Solutions

Best way to achieve the result you want is to setup a scenario where you reward the behaviors that bring about said result. 

Case in point: We want to have pre existing conditions or things like Autism covered by insurance and we want to keep premiums down.

Problem is covering those things increases the cost to insurers, which insurers compensate for by increasing premiums.

So how do we get both. Well ultimately it takes conpromise. Additionally I don’t plan on getting into the nitty gritty and fine details of how and what exact solution should be implemented. What I want to discuss is the frame work or a framework from which we can then arrive at quality soutions.

This compromise must occur mutually between all involved parties, namely: Insurers, health care providers, consumers, and government.

Now one of the things we seem to really suck at in this country is correctly identifying root causes to problems. We also are pretty crappy when it comes to forming mutually beneficial partnerships with those whose interest isn’t perfectly aligned with ours.

For example, for some idiotic reason we in this country have demonized and made villains out of the wealthy, and CEOs, and Corporations, and enterprise as if those entities were the source of our problems. Now sometimes they might be, but in reality they aren’t our enemies and ultimately those corporations and CEOs, and enterprise, can and should be the source of our relief and soutions.

You know what else isn’t in our benefit? Government trying to be an active participating party. Government works best when it acts as referee or adjudicator, it is at its worst when it tries to accomplish that task by not only playing referee, but then playing league commissioner at the same time. Like it does with health care and taxation.

Now moving forward to compromise and who should compromise what.

Government needs to compromise on size and authority, let the market and freedom and incentive be the guiding principles. You want insurers to pick up more high risk people and cover stuff that they know hits their bottom line hard?

Then throw them a bone and alleviate their tax burden for doing so,  Open up interstate borders for competitive commerce. Reward the good you want do not simply invoke penalty for that which you don’t want.

Insurers, recognize that when we live in a society where ultimately people have access to health care and utilize it, that ultimately leads to a healthier population, and is in your best long term interest as well. And if their outgoing going financial burdens are lightened no doubt they will he more willing to endure the short term hit on their bottom line in order to provide this coverage.

Providers, compromise by getting some standardization in your pricing structure, and be more transparent about it.

Consummers, understand and compromise on the fact that in reality we aren’t entitled to insurance, it isn’t a right, health care provided for by trained medical professionals isn’t a right, it is a privilege and service, and you don’t have a right to it.

Now I certainly don’t want to live in a society that doesn’t want to provide that service, but recognize it is a service, recognize the hard work that goes into providing that service at a high level and understand that those skills and services will come at a price, and a hospital and doctor etc need to stay solvent to provide you with it 

So compromise and understand that the more you ask for the more it is going to cost. The more high risk and high draw people are put in the system the more it is going to cost.

So compromise as well by sacrificing some of your pleasures to be more healthy yourself. Nobody owes you healthcare it’s your health your body take responsibility and ownership and ease your own draw on the system as much as you can.

And everybody think of the long long term, and sacrifice some of your own self interest sometimes in order to do what benefits the most possible people for the longest possible time.

Don’t make villains out ofthose who view things differently than you.  Don’t operate with contempt for those who disagree with you and view them or their ideas as worthless. Stop using all or nothing mentalities or the idea that if the “other side gets something they want you’ve lost” give that crap up it isn’t helping anyone. 

Take the time to rightly identify root causes and work towards soutions those, and realize their likely isn’t a quick fix and patience to stay the course and endure hardship, and set backs will be needed. 

Mostly take the best of what each side has to offer and find a way to incorporate that and make sure everybody comes away with something benefitting them and their perspective. 

Stop trying to divide and pit people and entities against each other and unite and seek to bring opposing sides together not further alienate them. 

The solution to our health care woe isn’t easy, but it isn’t all that hard either, it simply requires compromise and sacrifice 



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