Continuing in the Christmas Spirit and the Footsteps of Christ

Mosiah 15:1-5 Used to confuse me. Once I realized it is only about Christ it made perfect sense.
Where it refers to the Father it references Christ’s premortal self as Jehovah, and the Son is reference to his flesh and mortal side.
He perfectly subjected his flesh (Son) to His Spirit (Father) which made it possible for Him to not yield to temptation to perform miracles, and to enduring the suffering of the Atonement.

At first glance it is tricky but once that is understood it becomes an plain and simple and beautiful truth that Abinadi is bearing witness of.

That God (Jehovah/Jesus) made a promise or Covenant to our fathers Adam, Abraham etc and viewed it of such great necessity and importance that He Himself would come down to dwell among us in flesh in order to ensure that His portion of that Covenant was kept.

As we exit the Christmas season that celebrates His long awaited arrival to fulfil that promise let us keep the light and hope of this season with us through the coming year, and focus on easing the burdens and cares of others rather than bludgeoning them with our ideology.
Love others as He loved you, not leaving the well being of others to be handled by another but take it upon yourself as He did, to alleviate the suffering of those whom it is in your power to aid, no matter how small that circle.

No matter what our political leanings or way of thinking whether liberal, or conservative, or something in between we will improve the world faster and more effectively through looking to serve others and lighten their burdens ourselves, rather than waiting for another or worse hoping to have government and legislation enacted to deal with these issues.

Christ was the God of Heaven and Earth, and what He had promised was of such great importance to Him that He didn’t entrust it to others or governmental entities, and He didn’t achieve it through dictat and edict, but through self sacrifice, and personal service and humility.

We would be wise to follow suit.


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