Life as a Proving Ground.

Life as a proving ground has always made sense to me. Especially in light of what awaits if we prove faithful or worthy (equal to) the opportunity that awaits us (Eternal Life)

When a craftsman creates something, they have a purpose in mind, everything that is selected for the manufacture of the end product no matter what it is, is selected because of what attributes and properties it will bring to the finished product.

In our modern world where the creation of something passes through different stages and hands, this understanding and concept can get lost on us, unless we are willing to look deeper and see what is hidden.

But anciently where the maker began with the raw material, and saw the process through from start to finish, this concept would have been far more apparent and easy to see.

We are each a raw material, and God must refine and purify, and strip away that which would lessen the final product. And depending on the material this is done in different ways. The process for getting the most out of metal ore is vastly different from that of raw lumber, which in turn differs, from earthenware, which again differs from masonry, which still differs from Gemstones.

Further the finished product is not brought to market, or public view until it has been tested, and the maker knows it will meet the task for which it is advertised to accomplish. Additionally no craftsman tests a tool or even the raw material without intention to use it.

Therefore if you find yourself in the midst of a trial, it is because He has a plan and purpose for you in mind. And has placed in you a Divine Trust

Each of us is a slightly different raw material, in slightly different conditions and circumstances, though we are each at the same time utilized as instruments in His hands, we are also Apprenticing and learning His craft (Bringing to pass immortality and Eternal Life)

He seeks to utilize our unique attributes, and uses the process best suited to our character and attributes as well. Using us as instruments of His work and Kingdom, for the benefit of His other children, and at the same time is teaching us about Himself, and His ways, and how we are to act to be like Him.

Our objective in this life is to through practice, error and repentance, learn what it takes to be unyielding, unchangeable beings, that even the very elements can have faith in.

I echo the words of Jacob “O how great the Wisdom and Mercy of our God” for we have been granted a space and time to live to learn and grow, and the gift of repentance. In Alma 42 repentance, is presented as an opposite and contrast to the just, and eternal punishments of THE LAW.

Thus what great joy and opportunity it is to declare repentance, and faith in Christ, and the reason why His Gospel, is simplified in 5 steps

1 Faith
2 Repentance
3 Baptism
4 Gift of Holy Ghost
5 Endure to the End

I think of the timeless meanings of trial, and proving, and testing and more and more see just how apt they are.

Lastly He is not proving us to Him. He is proving us to ourselves, seeking to show us who and what we really are and are capable of, and what we were born to do and become.


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